Google wants to make it easier for their users to buy things from them and buy things that they make – especially when it comes to their hardware. The company has launched Google Store that features all of the fancy hardware that the company has put together, and put out onto the market – and while it might seem repetitive – Google believes that this is what the company needs to start really bringing competition to the rest of the market.

Everything from Chromebooks, Chromecast, Android Wear, Nest, Nexus devices, Android TV and the accessories that go with all of these things will be available at, which has officially gone live. While it doesn’t look like this will impact the portion of the Google Play Store that sells hardware – it does look like the company is going to see how successful this is, and then move from there depending on the outcome.

One major note that people have had thus far with the Google Store is the fact that it’s both showing some older hardware that seems like it has passed its prime – and also incomplete in many ways. Things are either missing or gone entirely, and it’s difficult to know if that is by intention or mere accident.

Chromebook Pixel 2

What is an accident is how the Chromebook Pixel 2 breaks the mold for what a “Chromebook” is in every sense. While it still is limited in terms of software and functionality – especially if you’re offline – the device really delivers on the quality of hardware. The screen is better than any Chromebook that came before it, and it’s incredibly slim for such a high-standing device. Interestingly, the keyboard is also increasingly small – which is a good thing for this device – that is an area where previous Chromebooks have really fallen short.

All of that being said, it was a good day for Google as they introduced a couple of things – in a new store, as well as a new Chromebook – that could really bode well for the company in the long-term. It might mean some of the current products as we see them might begin to diminish – like online stores that feel like duplicates – but it’s a good move for a company that really wants to hit their stride in this particular space.