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PC Makers troll Apple’s 12-inch MacBook with Retina Display and Apple Watch


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is not only super excited about its 12-inch MacBook with Retina Display but also its loyal cusumers too. However, not everyone in the laptop world is as smitten by the new laptop by Apple, and some have even referred to it as “so last year.” Those were the words that Lenovo decided to use to describe the brand new, and perhaps overly enthusiastic MacBook that might really be a year late.

The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro was released in 2014 and features a slightly thinner device, and has a better display, ironically enough. However, even as other PC companies are eager to jump on the Apple-hating bandwagon – it isn’t really something that should be taken too seriously. In this instance, Apple is simply catching up to the market – as their current lineup became a little outdated – and while they are the last ones to the party in this case – PC makers are not going to be losing any customers to the MacBook.


Even though PC makers have been the ones at the center of the ring trash talking Apple’s new MacBook, Google has also been quietly shutting down prospects that Apple has done something, which is truly unique.

In truth, Apple has delivered with a MacBook that is incredibly fast and has a great display – but nothing that is greatly unique to the situation as a whole – or really does anything to shape the computing landscape.

The Chromebook Pixel 2 actually delivers as good a device as Apple delivers, too, matching nearly every specification that the other offers – and does it with their own Chrome OS. Google has been picking off Apple users left and right as they build an alternative audience for their Chromebooks that are perfect for education, and cost-effective in comparison to what Apple produces on a yearly basis. Apple’s new Retina Display toting MacBook isn’t a bad product – but it isn’t going to change the world right off the bat – and at 12-inches doesn’t really offer a massive shift or change from what users already have available with an 11-inch and 13-inch options in the market.

The Apple Watch also found itself getting trolled by its competitors – like ASUS, who took the opportunity to point out that anyone who would buy an Apple Watch would likely be ‘out of their mind.’ An interestingly created flow chart pointed out just how much more reasonable the Zen Watch would be for anyone who might be considering an Apple Watch this spring.

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