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Apple releases first public beta of iOS 8.3 with Racial Emoji, Stereo support for CarPlay


Apple wants to make iOS 8.3 better for everyone – and now the company is finally getting some live practice with the beta testing that the company had been working on, to utilize before the actual launch of any operating system. While iOS 8.3 won’t be released until later this year, this is a move that has pleasantly surprised a lot of users currently – who expected to see a slightly longer delay between this and the updated version of iOS. That being said though, this would make the expected launch of iOS 8.3 to be around June or July.

The first major difference between iOS 8.3 and older editions of the operating system is the addition of the more racially diverse emoji, which many users had called for, for some time. While that might not seem like a big deal, with the massive outcry and a massive popularity that emoji’s have within the smartphone world – this is something that really isn’t a major surprise.

Another improvement that will feel more cosmetic than technical is the addition of an edited keyboard that will make the spacebar larger, and move the period over further. This will prevent users from falling into the pitfall of having periods space between words, instead of actual spaces. The company also rolled out a CarPlay feature that allows users to connect wirelessly to car stereo systems -–in newer models that support such a feature – and that has been received really well so far.

On the technical side, there is the addition of support for Google’s two-step verification – which is something that concerns a much larger audience, given the security concerns people have with the Internet and technology as a whole. While Apple has done a lot to improve security on their mobile operating system, this is a move that will be well-received on all fronts. This will undoubtedly give Apple better feedback about any updates in the future that the company release and should definitely quell many of the issues that people had developed with Apple. Right now though, not all users will have the opportunity to take advantage of the beta – as they are still rolling out the details.

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