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Skype for Business to ‘reinvent’ the productivity replacing Lync on March 18


Lync will be turning into Skype for Business next week on the 18th of March, when Microsoft officially cuts ties with the confusing prospect of having two different voices and video chat services, aimed at enterprise users, functioning under the same company title. Interestingly, the company announced months ago – during the 2014 year – that they would be making this move sometime during 2015, but very few individuals thought that the move would be happening this soon.

Zig Serafin, the Corporate Vice President of Skype Business Services, within the Microsoft family spoke in a video which was released on the Skype for Business Facebook page, which the changeover would be happening on March 18th. He announced that he would be delivering a keynote presentation on March 18th at 10am ET that would break down exactly what Skype for Business is going to be all about moving forward.

For those who aren’t within the enterprise system or don’t frequently use one of these services for conferencing of any kind, it might seem like a mundane move. However, this is something that isn’t just important for the company to set an important course on where they are going, and how they’re going to compete with other services directly for larger audience – but also just out of a simplicity.

Many operations use both systems, and it would just be a more productive setup to have both systems merged into one – and finally it looks like the company will be doing just that. It’s unclear at this moment what the new operation will look like – or how it will impact users during the changeover process – but it’s something that the company has already begun working on. Microsoft has started using some of the branding for Skype for Business that users have started seeing throughout the Microsoft space – but the official changeover was entirely unclear.


Users really just want the functionality out of this change. They want the operation to be smooth, but no longer having to deal with numerous services, or deal with competing imaging within the same company are little things that will make the overall experience much more enjoyable. This is just the latest in important moves strategically that the company is taking to creating a better experience.

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