Home Business Facebook buys TheFind only to shut the product search engine down

Facebook buys TheFind only to shut the product search engine down


Facebook has officially acquired TheFind; the company announced at the end of the week. While the news wasn’t a massive surprise to anyone – the fact that the shopping search engine was almost immediately shut down – was definitely a surprise. It wasn’t really widely expected that Facebook was going to enter the direct commerce space, by providing a service like this that would actually compare prices of different things – but seeing TheFind be shut down right after the acquisition caught many off-guard.

It was almost surprising that Facebook couldn’t find more of a function of the service within its network beyond simply adding it to the internal workings of the social network. The Facebook team detailed that not all members of TheFind team would be joining Facebook, but some of them would. The specifics of the agreement weren’t disclosed, but right now it would appear as though Facebook will be taking advantage of TheFind for its integration into ads.

Facebook will now have the ability to tailor ads more specifically to their users. This is because TheFind became famous for its ability to weed through a lot of commercial content – and ultimately deliver the things that users wanted. For example, if someone was looking for a pair of khaki shorts – they could search “khaki shorts” within TheFind and would be matched with the best results within the khaki short family.

They would be able to compare prices, the specifics of the different products, and really be able to investigate and research the things they were looking for in one place – rather than being forced to work around the entire Internet – trying to find the right place to search, and holding several windows open. The types of ads, though that Facebook will likely be using TheFind team to begin really implementing fully on the network are the ones that are revolving around products.


This means taking those small ad blocks that describe what products advertisers are trying to sell to its users – and having the correct products – thanks to TheFind’s massive database of products – shown at all times for all users. This will make Facebook’s ad campaign even stronger, and once again give users the ability to see ads that make sense for them.

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