Windows tablets have never been major players in the general tablet market. However, according to analysts and researchers at IDC it would appear as though Microsoft might begin capturing some of that market back and even begin taking away from iOS and Android tablets. While that might seem like a long shot with the general discontent that has filled the industry to this point within the Microsoft tablet landscape – it could actually see tangible results – if Windows 10 lives up to the hype.

Windows 10 has been billed as the recovery from Windows 8 – and given the fact that Microsoft was even willing to skip a number between the last, and the next operating system for their mobile and desktop operations – that really speaks to the discontent with the older operating system. Interestingly though, IDC predicts that Microsoft will claim 14.1% of the market share by 2019. That might seem like a small portion of the market to claim – and a long time to wait for that claim – but right now it’s pretty significant for Microsoft.

If you look at where the company stands right now with Windows tablets – it would break down to roughly 5.1% of the market in 2014 – which would show almost a 10% increase in a matter of 5 years. Microsoft though will actually be doing pretty well if it’s broken down comparatively. Google’s 62% market share – which is where IDC expects them to land by that time – is slightly misleading given the fact that the company doesn’t actually produce the tablets themselves. Meanwhile, Apple, who produces their devices exclusively, – will account for roughly 23% of the market.

That makes the 14.1% that Microsoft will own through its Windows platform – more impressive than one might originally be led to believe seeing the bloated Android number next to it. Google doesn’t actually produce one single lineup of devices that are filling this number. However, rather, you’re seeing a culmination of many producers ultimately contributing to this larger figure that ends up north of 60%.

It’s a good move for Microsoft who is looking for serious success to rebound after a struggling Windows 8. Windows 8 wasn’t a success at any level – so success here and now with Windows 10 is definitely the most important factor moving forward.


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