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Have you dreamed of Flying Cars? AeroMobil aims such ideas into the REAL DEAL by 2017

AeroMobil Flying Cars

AUSTIN, Texas – AeroMobil has only existed for a few years. Altogether, the company has been around for five years and has focused most of its time and energy as a company on building a flying car. That car would be what many would see as an impractical thing. However, the company wants to make it as practical as it could be. AeroMobil says that they will have a self-flying car ready by 2017 – and an autonomous version of that vehicle will be in production and exist shortly after that.

That might seem like a lofty proposition, but it might just be more realistic than the idea itself might seem. Now, realistic at this stage will come with a hefty price tag. The company points out that anyone interested in buying such a vehicle will be spending at least a couple hundred thousand euros and while that might not seem overly pricey – it certainly is that for something that otherwise has no market right now at all. This will in every sense of the word – be a first for the automotive industry – and something that previously has been relegated to science fiction.

Looking at it through the co-founders eyes though, the move is one that seems logical and relatively simple. “I started dreaming about flying cars, and about how I could escape,” Juraj Vaculik told an audience Sunday at SXSW. He also pointed out that there are realistic and very logical reasons for creating such a vehicle. Traffic bottlenecks, accidents, construction, and limited infrastructure really limit how effectively people can travel, and really make traveling as close to inefficient as it could be. And AeroMobil hopes to end.

The company wants to make this entire project a reality by 2017 and right now it would appear as though the company is on the right path to this point. It looks like they will be developing something that can really change how people receive and use the automotive industry – and who knows – they might even be tapping into a market that is ripe for change. After all, Google, Apple and Tesla are already testing the limits of what the traditional automotive industry is – so this isn’t really much of a surprise in any way.

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