WhatsApp has been rolling out the updated its Android app that enables Voice Calling feature on select devices. While the new version of the app isn’t rolling out globally, but the feature is now official on Android devices. The only catch being that its by invite-only, at least for the time being. Rumors about voice chat being introduced to WhatsApp have been pretty plentiful throughout the last several months – but now it would appear as though the rumors are finally coming to fruition.

How to go about getting the feature is somewhat interesting. The reason why many are calling it invite-only, currently, is because you will need to enlist the help of another user who has already taken advantage of the feature actually to utilize the feature on your device. First though, you will have to update to the latest version of the app. At this point it looks like version 2.11.561 is the version of choice – and as time goes on it really will just be a matter of updating to the version of the app that is at least that new.

WhatsApp Voice Calling

Once you have downloaded the latest version, and have gone through the initial steps of updating to the latest – voice chat inclusive version of WhatsApp – users will then have to find a friend, or fellow chatter that actually has the new version of the app as well as the new feature enabled and activated. Simply ask someone who has already updated to the voice chat enabled version of the app to call you, and then after you receive the call – close the app out and reopen it.

At this point, you will have the new feature enabled on your device. That being said, this is something that is only available on Android devices right now, so this will be something that users will have to wait for – if they’re running anything other than Android on their mobile device. While it points out that users will be able to make phone calls to almost anyone – it would appear as though users making calls to older updates – isn’t rolling out the smoothest.

There is also something to be said for how WhatsApp has decided to roll this update out. Not only are they losing a major piece of the market by excluding iOS users, but they’re also updating in a way that has been spotty and confusing for users in a best-case scenario. Either way, the feature does seem to be working well for users – which is a clearly positive sign for a company that has become one of the biggest names in messaging – with a massive number of monthly active users.