Google is working to appeal to those who feel that games on the Google Play store should be rated, or at the very least, looked at before they go live within the store. The company announced that they would be enforcing an age-based system that many within the gaming community have grown accustomed to working with. The ESRB rating system will now be applied to any and all games – and Google will review those games before they actually hit the open market.

One of the positive benefits of doing this will be shortening the actual wait time that exists between development and launch as it relates to finding those available ratings and applying them to games. The big thing that this will help with though specifically – will be combatting how people interact with games in different parts of the world. The automated nature of the rating system will mean that users will have simple choices and developers will fill out questionnaires, which will help Google sift through the massive quantity of content that is streaming through their doors.

IARC Ratings

The director of business development at Google Play said, “Android is in the hands of a billion people in 190 countries, and we have paid out more than $7 billion to developers,” and also added, “what we are doing here is helping developers categorize their apps in a way that users understand.” It sounds simple enough and in the physical implementation – this system should not have any issue taking off.

Interestingly though this will not be a system exclusive for games within the Play store. Rather, all Android apps will be subjected to the same level of analysis to determine what age group it is best suited for. This is especially important given the fact that Google is working to make their overall platform on the mobile end more organized and more suitable for users of all ages – as Apple and their iOS currently dominates the family-friendly side of mobile gaming and apps. This though could be the start of more mobile app stores going toward a mobile rating system that people are familiar with to rate games and content that they are selling to users.

Source: Google Play