Apple seems to be running into constant issues with the Apple Watch – and some reports even have claimed that it’s gotten so bad that the company will only be producing 6 million units of the Apple Watch by June. If that’s true then the demand of the Apple Watch will far outpace the actual supply – and that will either be a good thing or a bad thing.

The latest reports indicate that due to technical issues Apple is currently scrambling to find new partners for parts – that simply didn’t deliver on quality and simultaneously survive testing. Interestingly though, even as that news seems to be pretty grim – not all of the news coming out of the Apple world is bad. In fact, some of it seems to be pretty interesting.

While poor production of the Apple Watch might seem like a concern to some – it might just speak to what the company is doing in the bigger picture. They’ve already begun working into the production phase of Apple Watch 2 – which will sport a significantly upgraded set of features and capabilities. The rumor is anything but a sure thing, however it offers an interesting insight into when the company might launch such a thing.

The rumor argues right now that despite the production issues with the Apple Watch – that Apple Watch 2 is coming before holiday season 2015 – when the company is apparently going to push very hard to deliver a product that can function away from an iPhone – without being linked to any Apple hardware. That’s a move that will be very interesting – but the same rumor also claims that an upgraded screen – produced by Samsung – as well as SIM capabilities could make this the next really big thing around holiday time.

It would also suggest a price drop for Apple Watch heading into holiday season 2015 – which would make sense for the company as they work to push their newly found lineup into the general market. This would especially be a good thing if they were seeing as many production issues with the Apple Watch – as they reportedly are. A limited number of Apple Watches means that a second Apple Watch using different parts might be a better idea than sticking with Apple Watch all the way through holiday time.