HTC wants to change the way people handle phones that are broken, or ultimately damaged due to their own mishandling. However, instead of tacking on expensive insurance packages or adding to an already costly monthly payment plan with your cellular carrier – HTC wants to simplify the entire thing. That’s great news for consumers, but terrible news for companies like Verizon or AT&T, who make a lot of money from insurance policies on devices that ultimately carry serious caveats.

HTC is calling it the Uh Oh Replacement Program and will allow consumers who have a cracked screen or water damage – within the first year of the phones life – they will get a free replacement device with no questions asked. While the only catch being that the replacement is only good one time, it’s a system that stands really to improve the overall operation that the company is running with their mobile devices.

The program is great for a lot of reasons, but most impressively, it’s great given the fact that HTC will even give you a $100 credit after your first year – allowing the user to choose a new device essentially within the HTC family – for $100 less. Perhaps that might be something that happens just in time for the HTC One M10 for some users. The program will even work if you swap carriers and want to avoid a massive fee. The system seems to be pretty simple, too.

Users just have to send back their broken device in a pre-paid envelope – which will get their device their in two business days. Alternatively, they can place a $299 hold on a credit card, and HTC will ship a device to the person the next business day. At that point the user will be able to send their old device back – freeing them up, and when the company receives the device – they will have that hold disappear.

The program will not be exclusive to the One M9, either. While it won’t go into action until April 10th in the United States, when the One M9 launches, the One M8 will also be eligible for this type of coverage. For the HTC One M8, the same rules apply, as they do to the One M9, the one major note in the agreement with HTC though is that it must be purchased from an authorized dealer. All of that being said though, this is a really positive step forward for HTC and the rest of the smartphone industry, should more companies get on board with this type of approach.