Opera has had growing success operating its cross-platform browser to users on multiple operating systems. Both mobile and desktop platforms have had more users converting to Opera, which has given the company a unique opportunity to seize some additional market from those who are looking for an ultra-secure browsing experience.

Many believe that is why the company announced today that they would be acquiring SurfEasy, a virtual privacy network service company that would also give Opera the ability to integrate such services into their browser – or spinoff a new service altogether.

All of that though remains to be seen. It is unclear right now how Opera will use the products that they will undoubtedly gain through this acquisition of SurfEasy. Whether Opera decides to spin off some of the technology and practices that they gain through soaking up SurfEasy, or if they simply apply them to businesses and areas where Opera is already thriving – it will be a clear advantage for the company moving forward.

Secure browsing or at least the ability to browse anonymously, is something that many users on the Internet crave. Security on the Internet is something that many are looking for more of, and craving so that information can be kept secure while being on the Internet. This comes during a time when Internet users are seeing greater numbers of data breaches, more security flaws being revealed as well as exposed, and much more in terms of making the common user vulnerable online.

Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software pointed out in a statement that, “More and more internet users are starting to question whether they can trust the internet these days, and are actively looking for secure solutions for their phone or computer,” pointing to that overall tone that really does dictate a less confident base of users browsing the Internet.

VPN services like SurfEasy have been booming as security concerns on the Internet have grown, too. It has largely become a common occurrence now, to find an Internet user, who takes advantage of VPN, in order to maintain their security online. This allows them to tunnel, or avoid being spied on by eyes that might otherwise be trying to compromise or pry past their security.