Sony’s PlayStation Vue will likely change the way people receive television in virtually every way if they happen to be an eager cord cutter. PlayStation Vue has officially launched in a few markets like New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The launch marks the first significant attempt to disrupt traditional cable services really, like Time Warner or Comcast, by a company like Sony.

The service and lineup that Sony is offering is pretty impressive, too. The first package starts at $50 per month and runs up to $70 per month. The three different options, which are separated by a monthly cost of $10 per tier mean that users will get significantly more options with each upgrade within the service. The big improvement being for cord cutters being that they can finally say goodbye to a commitment of two-years or any length of time.

Sony PlayStation Vue

The $50 package gets users 53 channels. The big names in this package include NBC, MTV, Nickelodeon, TNT, the Food Network – as well as news networks – like CNN, and Fox News. Upgrading to the next tier will get users sports channels which are considered premiums on a cable lineup – like the YES network or the Big Ten Network. The top layer plan will give users an increased number of channels in addition to the sports channels, and regular lineup – meaning that the value for $70 is actually really profound.

Tests have been happening on this service for several months, but the biggest point here right now is that Disney-owned channels are absent from the network. Ultimately, this is something that will change in time. Vue also features a DVR system within it that allow users to record and save a significant amount of TV for up to 28 days. That means those using PlayStation Vue won’t have to worry about clogging up hard drive space.

Overall, PlayStation Vue is something that could significantly challenge traditional cable packages in a way that really hasn’t been done yet. Right now, consumers haven’t had a great option that would allow them to see live TV, instead of streaming options that just offer up specific programs.