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Apple Pay has just 6% adoption rate amongst iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users


Apple Pay has a long way to go before anyone can label it a success. That assessment comes from InfoScout, who found that 85% of users who have access to Apple Pay haven’t even tried it yet. This information comes several months after Apple successfully launched its mobile payments system, which was set to change and challenge the way people shopped and spent money in stores.

InfoScout’s findings came from a study that took place, which was derived from a survey that evaluated 1,188 individuals. Interestingly though, security concerns weren’t a major contributor to why Apple Pay wasn’t getting used. It ultimately boiled down to simple desire and necessity. Respondents felt that they were comfortable and satisfied with their payment methods to date, and felt as though they didn’t need to change, based on what Apple had sold them with the Apple Pay package.

Jared Schrierber, the CEO of InfoScout pointed out that, “They’ve clearly built a product that works. The challenge is getting people to use it to begin with.” This is a definite roadblock that Apple is going to have to contend with. The necessity to switch payment methods – with consumers feeling profoundly tied to the plastic payment system – simply doesn’t exist. In other words, the language, the information, and the marketing that exists in stores still reinforce to consumers that swiping their card is necessary.

Meanwhile, a mobile payment solution like Apple Pay registers as a great idea on paper, but then quickly fizzles out when users are then asked to use such a system. The study revealed overall that the biggest hurdle they face right now – is acclimating users to Apple Pay, and simplifying the marketing associated with letting customers know that they can use Apple Pay – at any given location.

One analyst with the company had an interesting take on Apple Pay, and it’s place in the market pointing out that in many ways Apple Pay has become the “Kleenex” of the mobile payment space. Those who didn’t know what mobile payments solutions were a year ago, now know thoroughly what it is in large part due to Apple – but going beyond that – the future will rely on getting consumers to implement the technology they have in their hands.

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