In the world of smartphones, Android has long become a religion and is followed by a majority of people all around the world. Google has always been working on the Android mobile operating system trying to make it better and better every time. And very soon, we will get to see the next generation of Android OS – Key Lime Pie.

So what do you expect from Key Lime Pie? Are you happy with the advances and new features we see in Android Jelly Bean? If yes, then it is but obvious that consumers will have high expectations from the soon to be announced operating system from Google that will be powering a majority of Android based smartphones.

It is almost certain that the next-gen Android OS will be Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, but it is difficult to estimate the time period during which the OS will come to us. Google has not yet made any official announcement about the release of this new OS and about the new features that this OS will bring along with it.

Keeping our hopes high, we expect Google to unveil the Android Key Lime Pie OS at the Google I/O event that is scheduled in May this year. To be specific, the Google I/O event will begin on May 15 and run through May 17. This is ‘the event’ for Google and we expect the web giant to surprise us with a lot of cool stuff along including Key Lime Pie.

Now as I already mentioned, Google has not given out any information about the new OS officially. The name Key Lime Pie was actually given out by a Google employee who posted a cartoon drawing showing the evolution of Android over the year, a drawing similar to the evolution of man. In this drawing, the Android character on the right most side is eating a piece of Key Lime Pie, indicating that the new version of Android will be the Key Lime Pie.

Along with this name being given out, there has also been important information given out by Qualcomm. The company said that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie would be revealed in the “Spring of 2013.” The dates are coming closer, the events are coming closer. Let us hope that we get something good to eat once again, something different from Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.