Microsoft is hard at work preparing for Windows 10 and continuing to do so; they will reportedly introduce a new smarter phone dialer than the current one. The Windows Phone 8.1 dialer is fairly simple, but lacks a lot nifty features that are quite common among the rivals.

In fact, the current version doesn’t have a real search of contacts. For example, when user enters a phone number – even partially – it doesn’t find or filter any corresponding contact from the People app. However, the Redmond developers have decided to overcome such shortcomings in Windows 10 by overhauling the dialer and implementing some smart algorithms.

During WinHEC 2015, a video reportedly showed new telephony features of Windows 10 for phones. Now user can directly search for contacts – as soon as he/she enter a telephone number or Meta details of a contact – without leaving the dialer page. In addition, Microsoft may also add support for Yellow Pages.

These small but interesting changes clearly show how Microsoft has been working very hard on Windows 10 for phones, which will be released this summer for all form factors. With Windows 10, Microsoft will be focusing to revive its brand name in the mobile space dominated by iOS and Android today.


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