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Facebook Messenger likely to allow Integration of Third-Party Services


Facebook Messenger has been getting a lot of attention over the course of the last several months from Facebook. For a while now, it has appeared as though the company was shifting focus to start really developing and expanding what Facebook Messenger was, and for a very long time – users weren’t entirely sure what that was. The social network though is planning on making some concrete statements about what their messaging platform is now, and what it will be moving forward when they make their pitch to users at its F8 Developer Conference.

First and foremost, Facebook is going to be taking aim at spam on its network – and within the messaging community. The company has seen how much success chat apps have had over the course of the last few years, and now, they are looking to expand what they do without creating a new standalone product. The idea being to incorporate some of the ideas they have, with the structure they have already built.

Altogether, the company plans on announcing and introducing around 20 third-party developers that will ultimately create content and features to function over-the-top of Facebook Messenger. Facebook will announce those changes and how those updates will roll out next week – but the move isn’t expected to be instant.

The company recently introduced sending money, as a new feature within Facebook Messenger, and so far, it has been received significantly better than how many analysts predicted. While it still isn’t something that is expected to change the way people use Facebook Messenger right away – it is something that could impact it down the road. The functionality means that Facebook is looking at innovative ways to introduce themselves to markets like mobile payments – without actually creating the exact same product that already exists out there.

Facebook introduces Instant Money Transfer in Facebook Messenger (+Pros and Cons)

That has been a major challenge for other companies within the tech space. Creating something innovative, which isn’t just a replica of what has already been done is a challenge – and something that isn’t done without significant thought and oftentimes, work from the outside. That’s why it’s so important that Facebook has decided to introduce third-party developers to what the company is trying to do with its Facebook Messenger app.

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