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The Motorola X Phone might not be unveiled at the Google I/O – Report

The Motorola X Phone is rumored to be the next-gen flagship device from Motorola which will be offered by Motorola and Google together. Reports in the past suggested that this new smartphone which is being developed by Motorola and Google will be unveiled at the Google I/O event that will take place this year in May. However, that does not seem to be the case anymore!

Latest reports about the Motorola X Phone seem to be different from what we had expected them to be. In short, this is not good news because the device might not make it to the Google I/O event.
If you have been following the rumors and reports on the Motorola X Phone, it was said that this smartphone is set for release in the month of May or June. The latest reports say that the release date might be postponed and we might not get to see the Motorola X Phone at Google I/O this year which could have been a perfectly suited launch event and venue.

This might hurt a lot of Motorola fans, but the truth is that the Motorola X Phone has yet not been confirmed and hence it is even difficult to say if the device really exists. We have seen a lot of leaked images in the past month, but none of them really showcased a smartphone that could be good enough to be considered the Motorola X Phone.

So even though this might be bad news for consumers who have been waiting for the Motorola X Phone, we will still say that it is worth waiting for another month and check out the Google I/O event. Even if Google and Motorola do not unveil the X Phone, they might give out hints as to what is exactly going on.

Let us wait and watch. And be sure to check back regularly, we will keep you updated when we have something new to share with you.

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