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New Apple TV with Siri, App Store, and Home Automation at WWDC 2015: Reports


Apple TV is getting a makeover this June. Specifically, Apple will finally be moving from product of hobby to product of precision and focus. This will allow Apple to begin driving what the vision of the product will be to the consumer, and ultimately, gain traction within the cord cutting community. The biggest feature that the company is set to be rolling out this fall, reportedly, is one that involves creating a paid-for-subscription that will work with Disney, CBS, and Fox to bring a 25-channel lineup. This would be much like what Sling offers or even PlayStation Vue.

Additionally, and perhaps more impressively, the company plans to bring Siri, as well as an App Store to Apple TV. That would likely mean that additional apps, within the product itself, perhaps third-party partnerships, and much more – would open up the content bar to perhaps massive audiences. The company is also rumored to be introducing a modified A8 chip that would ultimately challenge what Apple has put together previously. An increase in the specifications inside the device would undoubtedly deliver a better product.

An App Store and the addition of Siri though are two really interesting points. It means that Apple is looking to make Apple TV more like its other products and services that the company offers to this point. They want to deliver something that will be both unique and powerful in that it will deliver a big time product – and a big time result – hopefully commanding some serious market share since Apple TV is currently the most expensive option on the market.

Apple has recently discounted the Apple TV model that is in stores now to $69. Even before this point, many predicted that this would be a precursor to the actual launch of a new Apple TV device, which would boost features, specifications, and functionality. There is even speculation at this point which could mean more home automation is coming to Apple TV devices. This would really widen the spectrum at which Apple currently appeals to, giving users more actually to work with. However, that still remains to be seen, like many of the features and content that are being discussed.

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