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Apple retires Windows 7 from its Boot Camp with new MacBooks, supporting Windows 8 only


Apple is dropping Boot Camp for Windows 7, according to recent reports – and eventually the entirety of Boot Camp could be getting the “boot,” as well. If Apple does slowly phase out it’s Boot Camp program entirely, that might come as a surprise to some users. However, it isn’t a surprise at all that Apple has decided to remove support for Windows 7 within the Boot Camp framework on Apple MacBook with Retina Display.

That means the highly anticipated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will not come with support for Windows 7 within the Boot Camp operation. However, the company will still support Windows 8, and presumably Windows 10 when it launches. Windows 7 is now nearly 6 years old since it was introduced in 2009, and even as it has become the most popular version of Windows – the operating system has simply grown too old.

Even Windows 8 was introduced in 2012, and it would appear as though it could be next on the chopping block depending on the success of Windows 10. Many have argued though that the elimination of Windows 7 from Boot Camp doesn’t bode well for Boot Camp itself on MacBook the point remains that user’s who prefer it will still have the ability to run it through various third-party options.

VMware Fusion and Parallels will remain solid options for those who are looking to run Windows 7 on their new MacBook. That being said, they’re really just virtualization programs. Which means when a user is running Windows 7 through this type of program – they’ll be bypassing actually running it – and the operating system will be running it in a window of its own on Apple’s operating system.


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Overall, it’s a very intriguing point for Apple and Boot Camp. To this point, the software has been very popular, and users have experienced a lot of success over the years running various Windows versions on Macs as a whole. The initial removal of Windows 7 support in the new MacBook laptops will likely be met with significant resistance as time goes on.

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