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Tesla Motors rolls out Model S SW Update v6.2 ending ‘Range Anxiety’


Tesla Motors wants to make sure no one unintentionally runs out of range with their latest Model S update. The update is labeled v6.2 and focuses on making sure range is always kept out of the drivers mind, and in the mind of the vehicle. The company said it was “ending range anxiety,” with this update – once and for all.

The first major feature update is Range Assurance, which does a lot of things, but most notably “shows a map of the most convenient charging locations and guides you to the closest one.” Interestingly though, the feature actually goes really in-depth, taking into things like varying inclines, weather conditions, wind speeds, and really, anything else that could potentially pull more energy from the vehicle, and cause it to run out of range sooner than expected.

Simultaneously, the company also announced that they would be significantly increasing the coverage of their charging stations – pointing out that massive changes would be coming for those who are living in densely populated countries like the United States, parts of Europe, and even China. Right now, almost the entire continental United States is covered, and that area map will soon increase once again – covering even broader portions of the United States – like Alaska, too.

The second major update comes in the form of Trip Planner. Trip Planner will use various GPS features actually to determine what the fastest and most convenient route is that a driver could take to their destination. Again, this would take advantage of features like weather conditions, wind speeds, and numerous other analytical features – ultimately giving the driver the best options for getting to their destination quickly and effectively.

Along with the updated Trip Planner feature, the car will even remind users via a smartphone app that their car is ready to go after it has completed charging. That though isn’t the only place where the update will be felt – it will also get an update in the UI category as well. Meaning that the software the company is running will feel like a significant upgrade. The car maker is also introducing a range of safety features – like automatic emergency breaking, a blind spot warning system, as well as a side collision warning system – all aimed to reduce the disaster of a car accident.

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