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Magic Leap’s Video demos the future of Gaming with Augmented Reality

Magic Leap has been pushing the boundaries within the gaming sphere for some time now. The company has been amongst the leaders in pushing augmented reality further into the scope of the gaming community, and now, with the most recent demo that the company showed off – that augmented reality is becoming a little clearer. The team revealed how an office could be turned into a virtual reality gaming space, with the environment being the very place the person is physically sitting.

The video that was released, which reveals the game and technology in action is really impressive. It does everything that it suggests it’s capable of doing, and delivers on a wide range of subjects for gamers. It makes gaming more interactive, makes it more interesting, and most of all, and changes it to evolve with the rest of the technology world – instead of remaining stagnant.

The company has gained $542 million in investments that allow the Magic Leap to do what is does, but the biggest point that suggests this technology could be the real deal is the fact that the company can even compete directly with Microsoft and their HoloLens, should this become something mainstream and fully operational.

Right now, the big point to keep in mind here is that Magic Leap is going beyond the things we’re used to seeing, in games. The video starts by allowing the user to experience Gmail and YouTube by executing physical actions as simple as picking up a stapler, or tape dispenser on a desk. The ease that this type of technology could bring, to even general computing tasks, would offer something far beyond what has ever been introduced to date.

It would be a major accomplishment if Magic Leap is able to make this entire piece of technology something that is seen on the shelves of major shopping centers. It would completely diversify the gaming and computing world – while severely improving the state of traditional gaming. Right now it’s unclear what their console will look like, or how such an experience will be had – but those things are minor in relation to the potential good that this type of technology could do in the broader market when put in front of consumers.

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