Facebook wants to make it easier to shut down unwanted calls before they happen. They have been working on an application that the company is simply calling “Phone,” which will work to eliminate those pesky unwanted phone calls. Right now, the app is only being tested on Android devices, and it would appear as though it’s only going to be launching on Android devices for the time being. At some point, should the app prove to be successful, it will likely make its way to iOS as well.

That being said though, Facebook isn’t doing anything to deny or confirm the apps existence. A spokesperson for the company said, “We are always testing things and have nothing to announce at this time.” Interestingly though, it would appear as though something which was intended to be an internal test, did actually make its way to a handful of general users.

The message though that came along with the install option – which was clearly a promotional message – read very clearly that the app, “shows you info about who’s calling and automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers.” The big debate then stems around what the company might be doing something like this.

Facebook Phone app

Many have argued that a company like Google would easily replicate this technology. In fact, the only real advantage that Facebook would likely have in this department would be the integration of their database. Meaning all of the information that Facebook has at their disposal. 1.39 billion users and their phone numbers, would certainly create a database to start with, and then combine that with those users then creating a database of frequently blocked calls.

Facebook Messenger likely to allow Integration of Third-Party Services

That would leave Facebook with an incredible amount of data that hasn’t been put to use by any large entity in a very organized way. The big takeaway here though is the idea that Facebook is even working on technology like this or an app like this in the first place. This isn’t a place where they need to spend a lot of money, or are really pressed to enter. However, it would be interesting if the company were able to put together an app that could successfully eliminate unwanted phone calls – through any system. That alone would be an immensely popular feature.