Amazon Unlocked wants completely to change the way people receive their Android-based apps. Amazon has built a pretty large wall of the available content on their Android-based app market – but now the company is looking to change the game completely in terms of what it’s making available. Even more impressively, this could be a move that has wide sweeping consequences, even into the actual Google Play Store, or App Store by Apple.

The company said in a statement they were, “Introducing Amazon Unlocked for Apps & Games,” a type of promotion that very few had even thought of – much less actually seen coming. The idea behind it is that users will either pay monthly or yearly – and in exchange will have all costs associated with the app or game removed. That being said, no one is really sure what Amazon Unlocked will cost, or if it will cost anything at all.

Amazon Unlocked

Amazon though would likely put some kind of cost on it. What that cost might be is unclear right now, since the service is still a long way from launch – but it’s interesting nonetheless. If Amazon were able to put this successfully together, it would put a lot of pressure on other app stores to make a similar play. The list of developers and apps that this will be functioning with is also something that’s still unclear. The complete list would likely be significant since the company wouldn’t want to launch a service that wasn’t really prepared to make a statement against the competition.

Amazon’s overall mission though, for some time, has been to make shopping for anything – easier, cheaper and faster. These are all things that the company would be able to achieve within the digital content space, since they already do it with a wide range of other types of digital content – like movies, music and more. Apps and games, when looked at this way, would be the next logical step. However, this project that Amazon is taking on is most certainly a challenging one that could see some serious resistance from companies like Google, who might feel wronged by the platform.