Google Glass is apparently not a part of Google history, according to the company’s Executive Chairman. Eric Schmidt went on offense when it came to Google Glass, pointing out that it remains a “big and very fundamental platform for Google.” He even went on to compare Google Glass to a self-driving car, which might feel a bit like a misdirected comparison – since Google has struggled so mightily when it comes to Glass. He said that it would be like saying the self-driving car is a disappointment because it’s not driving me around now.”

That statement does hold some truth to it, but there really wasn’t anything that the company misappropriated more energy and focused on – if the market wasn’t ready for it. That is the impression that investors, as well as users, got when Google Glass first made it into the market, and really that was a sentiment that stayed until it fell off the radar earlier this year.

Google Glass

Some reports have indicated that Google Glass might be making a comeback this year, and if that is the case, the timing of Schmidt’s comments is quite impeccable and likely intentional. For Google, the long-term goal of Google Glass has to be to compete with the other wearable technologies in the space. Especially as these types of virtual reality technologies become more prevalent and commonplace.

Ultimately, what Google has now is a choice to make on how they handle the next several months around Google Glass. They have very clearly dismissed the worries and concerns that exist within the Google-base, who had questions about the future of Glass, but now they have set themselves on such a strong worded course – that it would be required of them to deliver really. This certainly is not a point where they can fail to deliver if the product does release later this year.

Google Glass still alive, being tested at European airport

After all, it would appear as though the company pulled Google Glass out of the market, so they could properly address Glass as a whole – and really bring a product that would deliver what the company was looking to achieve with it in the first place. Schmidt’s comments just make it clearer that the company is going to have to buckle down, and deliver when it comes to the future of the Glass brand.