Instagram has introduced an app called Layout, which will give users of the social network the ability to create collages without downloading a third-party application. The app combines some unique features, as well as some features that will take some of the legwork out of creating a collage that is Instagram ready.

Other than just being a collage creator, users will also be able quickly to find photos from their camera roll, which feature similar faces. In fact, Instagram has set this up in such a way that it will allow users to see different photo options, in different layouts – to get the creative juices flowing.

The one drawback with Layout for Instagram is the fact that it is only available on iOS for now. The companies noted in their blog post that, “It’s currently only available for iOS. Layout from Instagram will be available for Android in the coming months.”

Instagram Layout

The really interesting thing about this app is that to Instagram’s credit they did something unique with the traditional collage app. They made it something that was truly unique for users to get their hands on, and in turn, have created something that will drive users to actually engage with it – and keep them simultaneously within their network. Something any tech company like Instagram is eager to do.

As a note though, while Instagram acts within its own free power and does maintain itself away from its parent company – Facebook does own the platform itself. So this, is yet another great example of Facebook being able to keep strongly this platform marketed separately from Facebook – keeping away many of the negative connotations that have drawn a connection to Facebook as a social network.

“Faces” is a interesting feature that Instagram has managed to include in this Layout app, but Photo Booth is another that is intriguing. The app will immediately start a timer, and when the timer goes off – a series of photos will be taken. All of them can then be used to create a collage. The app also makes changing things easy, so flipping, replacing, or moving pictures can all happen with simplicity.

There really isn’t any reason to believe that Instagram will not be successful with this app, given the fact that third-party collage applications for Instagram are already so popular.