Twitter has officially announced a deal that teams them up with Foursquare to bring location data to tweets on the social networking platform. Twitter made the announcement on their network on Monday, and even posted a short video showing exactly how the feature would work. The feature isn’t overly complex or challenging to navigate. Rather, it will make it easy for users on Twitter to share their location, and give Foursquare some serious credibility in the location-game.

Dennis Crowley, Foursquare’s CEO couldn’t contain that excitement, either, and shared just how much the partnership would mean to his company. The post said in part, “This is a big deal for Foursquare—not just because we all love Twitter and we’re psyched to be a part of what they’re building, but because it’s yet another example of how ubiquitous the Foursquare platform is becoming—this ‘location layer of the Internet’ you’ve probably heard us talk about.”

Specific Locations in Tweets

The obvious benefit would be making Twitter and Foursquare more interactive. While Foursquare relies solely on location data, Twitter is more broadly received as a communicator. This way, if users are meeting each other for lunch or dinner – and are tagging themselves in at a location – this partnership between the two companies gives them all the ability to quickly see where their followers are, and where the people they’re following are located.

This though might not be the only thing that the two are working on. In fact, his blog post shared the notion that this might just be the beginning in terms of a partnership between Twitter and Foursquare. If that’s the case, the company could really be poised to do some damage and rack up some additional users, which would make their investors very happy. At the end of the day, this and any other social network, is driven by the number of monthly active users that they are able to account for.

If this partnership can increase those figures, then it will have been a success for both parties involved – and will benefit both greatly. While Foursquare has faded somewhat into the background of the Internet – they still stand as the originators of location-based tagging online. Their network might not be the most popular, but they have been doing location tagging right, for many years now.

Source: Twitter