Facebook has officially introduced ‘On This Day’ feature that is aimed to compete with the market that Timehop has dominated. Facebook’s introduction of ‘On This Day’ came right before F8, and potentially reveals just how much the company has in store for their developer conference.

The feature will show status updates, photos, and even content from friends within the ‘On This Day’ feature. The goal is to get users active on old content, and make old content relevant again – something Facebook has been working to make happen since 2010 when it came up with the idea. That being said, just like Timehop, users won’t have to share anything with their friends – unless they choose to.

Facebook is rolling out the feature globally and is doing so over the next week or so. Right now, facebook.com/onthisday doesn’t reveal posts from the past for everyone. In fact, some users will simply get a page that tells them that the feature hasn’t rolled out to them yet.

Facebook On This Day

For those who go to the page and it functions, they will be given the option to subscribe to notifications – and if they’re on their mobile device – they will be able to receive push notifications on their devices, as well. If the user declines the notifications, the feature will still be available to them, but Facebook obviously wants users subscribed – given the fact that Timehop has 6 million users.

Facebook pointed out that the process has been time consuming coming up with this product, and clearly given the fact that it only reveals what users do on Facebook – while Timehop shows off other networks – it’s something users might not find attractive – unless they’re dedicated Facebook users.

The choice though to make this a feature that was integrated into the overall Facebook platform though, really does speak to how well Timehop is doing what they have done as an individual platform. Timehop’s CEO Jonathan Wegener even had his own take on the whole thing. He said, “My general feeling is that this is awesome validation that we’re doing something worth doing.”