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Businesses on Facebook Messenger Program likely to launch in next few weeks


Facebook made no secret at F8 of the fact that they want to change the way people interact with businesses, and that they felt customer service had fallen into a deep hole. Now, the social network is hoping to turn their Messenger Platform into a well-oiled customer service machine – giving shoppers the ability to check the status of an order, change an order after time of purchase, and even chat with customer service representatives via Facebook.

Interestingly, this comes just shortly after Facebook announced that they would be adding payment features to Messenger that would make it a multi-dimensional platform. The moves are all toward making Facebook Messenger a platform of its own, and detaching it even further from Facebook, the social network.

There are still admittedly, more than a few questions regarding what this might look like in the future – or how this type of service might shape up. It’s expected that Facebook will need to incorporate some sort of “legitimizing” of identities on its social network – should it be giving the opportunity for an individual to purchase something, return something, or cancel an order through Facebook Messenger.

However, the ability to do all of this in one place is very interesting – if nothing else. The state of customer service as a whole on the Internet – is shameful compared to what it was before the Internet came along. It’s a point that many people have come expect, really, and that’s something that Facebook hopes to change. Simply adding live support is something that will be well received all over the board.

People are already quick to use “chat” options instead of phone options – to receive help and customer service, in general. So, the addition or tying of these services in this regard is a very positive move for Facebook. It would seem though, that the major challenge would be getting businesses on board, even as they may not want to be on board with anything in particular like this. In the name of convenience though, a lot of things like this, will be done to ensure that people receive the best treatment – at their own discretion.

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