Apple Watch excitement is growing by the day as consumers are getting closer, and closer to the day that they have all been waiting for. The launch of the Apple Watch will undoubtedly be one of the biggest launches of the spring or the entire year – depending on what Apple launches throughout the rest of the year. That being said though, the company decided to introduce support for Twitter, Evernote, and several other apps – that are popular on iOS – on Apple Watch before the wearable was even available in stores for preview.

Perhaps the biggest feature that Apple Watch will have incorporated into it is the ability to dictate notes without using any apparatus. Interestingly, that will give users the ability to transcribe notes that otherwise would require multiple hands. The updated version of Apple Watch will even give users the ability to review, read, and set reminders based on previously transcribed notes from other devices or the Apple Watch itself.

These things ultimately will bring the best of Evernote to Apple Watch, and these are the productivity advancements within the Apple Watch platform that could really do well to change the way people receive a wearable piece of technology like this. Previously, it’s been something that appears to be a fun gadget to have, rather than something that is necessary to have to increase productivity.

WatchKit Settings

This combined with the fact that Apple has also been in talks with some of their suppliers to start developing the Apple Watch 2. While the Apple Watch isn’t scheduled to release for another month, and it will only be available to preview in store in two weeks – it remains a challenge for the company, as forecasters expect that the company will have only produced around 6 million by early summer.

The launch of a second edition of the Apple Watch will be something that will likely be felt well into this year. Interestingly though, there have been a few major names in the app world introduced to Apple Watch this week, which include Twitter, WeChat, and SPG: Starwood Hotels & Resorts, all of which hope to take advantage of the convenience and ease of access that an Apple Watch will give consumers.