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WhatsApp Voice Calling feature for iPhone users in ‘coming weeks’


WhatsApp is bringing its highly anticipated voice-calling feature to iPhone’s soon, according to the company’s co-founder Brian Acton. At Facebook’s F8, he spoke about some of the rumors that have been swirling around the platforms recent move to Voice Calling on Android, and when that move might take place to iOS.

The timeline, by which users can expect the voice-calling feature to make it to iOS though, is something that might be a little gray right now. Acton first stated that the move to iOS would be in a “couple weeks,” but then backed off of that statement a little stating, “well, several weeks.”

Either way, it’s proof that the feature is coming for iOS. That much is good because users had quickly figured out how to use a jailbreak method to work around the fact that iOS didn’t support voice calls. That being said, the move will make using workaround methods like this – unnecessary. The big question though for many is why voice calling has remained an “invite only” feature within the Android space.

It isn’t particularly difficult to get “invited” to the update or to activate it once that point has been reached. However, the company doesn’t seem very quick or eager to push it beyond that point. WhatsApp has already been an incredible success for Facebook, who owns the company, but has treated it much like Instagram, allowing the company to function on its own without the harsh influence or specific leadership of Facebook’s team.

Interestingly, WhatsApp is really growing as its even selling WhatsApp branded phones in Germany, and becoming one of the biggest messaging and voice calling platforms in the world. The voice-calling feature has been well received, too. It’s remained very popular and given users the ability to make calls to anyone in their address book. The question now is, how soon and how well will the iOS voice-calling feature be received?

Given the fact that users are already getting their hands on it – there is a very likely and reasonable logic that could mean the update will receive great reviews all the way around – when it finally launches.

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