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Apple said to launch 4-inch iPhone 6c along with iPhone 6S, 6S Plus this September

Apple iPhone 5c

Apple is reportedly planning on launching a 4-inch device this year. While that rumor isn’t exactly a fresh one, it’s one that continues to gain momentum as the year carries on. In fact, that has become one of the things that consumers that enjoy Apple have begun to ask for. It’s surprising, for one because the most-exciting thing on the market in the last year was an iPhone that severely outsized its predecessor.

That being said though, Apple understands that there is a solid core of users who also didn’t upgrade to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus because the device is simply too large. People will small hands, for example, have repeatedly been used in the argument for a smaller iPhone. However, not just those with small hands still enjoy a small device. Some people have even openly accepted the fact that, instead of upgrading to a larger device, maintaining with a smaller device – like an iPhone 4 or 4s is still more appealing than upgrading to an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

The most-recent report suggests that Apple will release an iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and a smaller, 4-inch edition called the iPhone 6c. On paper, the company plans to use the less-expensive iPhone 6c as a tool to use in emerging markets. A device that costs less, and ultimately gives users the ability and function that an iPhone user does expect. Right now, those biggest names on the market for smaller devices that fall into the 4-inch space – are Android-based devices.

The report suggests that the iPhone 6c, as it would be, would ultimately target “female users,” and cost between $400-500 without a contract. That would put the device down near $99 with a contract, which is also a reasonable price. That price could even reach $49 with various types of elements factored into the two-year contract model. That being said though, the same report does also suggest that Apple could be incorporating a plastic body, which would help the company keep production costs checked out throughout the process.

Most of the other rumors are production-based, which are interesting, except for the fact that there isn’t enough to confirm this early in the process. There have been rumors that the company would be incorporating a pink edition of the next iPhone, which could suggest that the plastic is coming back. That though could hurt sales – like it did with the 5c – more than it benefited.

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