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Apple opening Apple Watch Luxury Retail Shops on April 10th in London, Paris and Tokyo

Apple wants to make sure that high-end fashion is accepting of their brand new Apple Watch. To ensure that this is the case, the company has announced that they would be opening three international Apple Watch stores within other luxury retail stores in Paris, London, and Tokyo. The move is one that will be very interesting for both Apple, and the stores that they are operating within as Apple Watch is expected to be one of the biggest hits of 2015, even as it’s only a few months into the New Year.

Apple employees will be working inside Selfridges in London, Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo beginning April 10th, when the Apple Watch can first be preordered. The move is one to break Apple Watch into the high fashion world and show that it’s more than just a piece of technology. However, it’s unclear how this move will work out for a company that has prided itself on reaching all types of users. This move certainly does seem to alienate a certain crowd that has become mainstays within the Apple ecosystem.

The difference between this and a traditional store would be that the company would not be working with anything product-related. That means they won’t be fixing anything, and anyone who has any issues that are in the technical space should go to a traditional Apple Store. However, those who are looking to get a first peak at the Apple Watch could go into one of these stores to see how they will look. It’s unclear how long these stores will remain open, as the device launches officially on the 24th of April. It’s also unclear if Apple has any plans of launching this type of event or partnership here in the United States.

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Either way, this will do well for Apple, as those stores will feature displays and separate rooms – in many instances where users will get a truly Apple Watch exclusive experience, with individuals who are fully trained on how to work and sell the product.

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