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Antarctic ice shelf melted by 18% in last decade, says study


Antarctic ice is melting faster than scientists previously thought, warns a new study. The study reveals that the ice shelf in Antarctica is melting at a rate that has shrunk the ice by 18% in the last decade. That news also comes along with the fact that the study has shown that the ice shelves in Antarctica are melting at rates 70% faster than anything previously recorded in that last decade.

The overall message now becomes clear as scientists continue to warn of what the consequences would be if we continue on this path. Right now, the Earth is having more stress, and more issues put on it by the sheer volume of temperature increase that it is feeling – and the result is melting ice. That ice melt is ultimately what will cause ocean rise to become a dominant issue. Coastlines will be at risk, and low-lying areas universally.

That being said though, those aren’t the only issues that stand to be compounded by growing concerns around temperature increase. This week alone, Weather Underground reported that two records were set in Antarctica for temperature alone. Both days’ temperatures exceeded 60 degrees and were the warmest temperatures on record – something scientists say is just the latest form of proof that humans are impacting the climate.

A major point of contention for many individuals on the climate change subject is the fact that it has become a political tool in many instances, especially in the United States. Some politicians will not even acknowledge its existence, pointing out that it simply is something that does not exist, despite the fact that more than 97% of all scientific papers that have been studied and verified compel those reading them to believe that climate change is very real.


All of this being said, it’s just the latest piece of concern that science has been able to throw to those who believe climate change isn’t a factor, or that we are not impacting it. The simple truth is that these are just the latest reports that show climate change is all-too-real.

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