Microsoft has officially acquired the productivity startup LiveLoop. The acquisition will help with making their overall product more interactive, and give users the ability to collaborate more easily with Office products. That means for LiveLoop, expanding on the technology that was introduced to make PowerPoint more web-friendly, while expanding into other Office-related frontiers under Microsoft’s watch.

This goes along with the overall mission that Microsoft has been out attempting to accomplish. For example, the company has been working to add more apps across the spectrum – giving users the ability to have access to Microsoft Office and other productivity apps on any platform. Admittedly though, this has been one push that has made the company partially alienate itself from its core group of Windows users.

LiveLoop will essentially enable Microsoft users to use and work with the same documents, spreadsheets, and even presentations without complicated task of emailing, sharing, or downloading extra software. All users would need to share is a link, and ultimately a presentation could be shared without any hassle or confusion.

Microsoft has been working furiously over the last several months to overhaul their productivity apps really. Whether it was reinventing the Office suite for iOS and Android or acquiring various productivity apps along the way to make their calendar or email platforms better – this has been the trend for the company. For Microsoft, they are working to expand and be the best.

However, their bigger focus is getting back some of those enterprise users that they previously lost with the unsuccessful launch of Windows 8. That being said though, no details have been released about this particular acquisition. The money, like many of the acquisitions Microsoft has gone through recently, is being kept quiet. That also is probably pretty important for a company who has otherwise been in the news for repeatedly trying to make the cross-platform software and applications as successful as their core selections.

LiveLoop will shut down on April 24th to become fully dedicated to Microsoft and begin functioning under Microsoft’s watch. That being said, all user information and data that the company has now will rollover with the new management and be available for them to recollect.