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Yawunik kootenayi or GRANDPA of Shrimp, Butterflies, and Spiders was older than Dinosaurs


Arthropods can appear to be one of the less “beautiful” creatures in nature, if you’re not one who feels particularly inspired by spiders. That said, the group that also makes up lobsters, and butterflies, in addition to spiders – now has an interesting family tree. In fact, the evidence that was recovered by one team – now suggests that a spider might have been far less frightening, at least when compared to the Yawunik kootenayi.

The report originally made its way through the journal called Paleontology, and it revealed that these creatures likely roamed many millions of years before any of their dinosaur counterparts did. The team said, “This creature is expanding our perspective on the anatomy and predatory habits of the first arthropods, the group to which spiders and lobsters belong.”

Looking at the creature though from afar it would have been challenging to determine just what is going on with the creature. While it’s size wouldn’t have seemed overwhelming, and it wouldn’t have seemed very frightening based on what we see today, or compared to what a dinosaur brought to the table – this creature was very-much a concern. In fact, scientists believe that this would have been the angriest creature in the entire ocean food chain at the time.

Yawunik kootenayi would have featured a long antenna that resembled a whip, as well as appendages facing the front. Combine that with the fang like teeth and feelers that were on the front of it and what you’d be left with is one of the more dominant looking creatures – even if it were relatively small.

Altogether scientists estimate that the creature was a few inches long. That might not seem very large, but for some of the creatures that were present in the wild at the time – it would have been amongst the most impressive and most dominating of all. Almost everything on the creature was also retractable, so when the Yawunik would have been attacking or seeking food, it would look significantly different than it did when it would be sitting in the recession.

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