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Sony rolls out PlayStation 4 Update (Yukimura) v2.50 with some Samurai features


Sony PlayStation 4 has finally received a notable update. For some time now, rumors had swirled about the existence of an update that was being worked on by the brainpower at Sony. It was codenamed “Yukimura” and would bring some additional features to PlayStation that users had been asking for, for some time. The first, and perhaps, the simplest addition is the ability to add games, saved data, and video clips over to USB devices without any unnecessary complication.

While that’s exciting for those who are looking to maintain their core memory for other things, it doesn’t really do a lot to improve the overall product. Especially given the fact that Sony didn’t include the ability to play any of those saved games from the USB drive. However, that feature isn’t really as exciting as many had hoped.

The suspend/resume feature that many had been hoping for, and talking about for some time leading up to this launch of this update – is finally here. This might be the biggest takeaway from the update as a whole. Simply put the PlayStation 4 into rest mode when you’re playing a game, and then wake it back up to pick back up where you left off. While that sounds really interesting on paper, it does have drawbacks.

First, it won’t work with all games. Second, it does limit the amount of time it takes to load and play a game, but at the same time, it does sound restrictive in terms of being forced to play the same game as they were before they put the device into “rest” mode.

The next big addition comes in the form of making PlayStation a social experience. Users will now be able to find friends through Facebook and to be able to interact more closely with things on PlayStation via Facebook. That might not seem like the biggest improvement for someone who isn’t overly social on the network but maintains some pretty steep interest.

Sony also introduced a screenshot feature for trophies, which is of interest to many gamers – given the fact that this type of system already exists within the Microsoft gaming space. In all, many of these updates will bring a lot of gamers satisfaction given the fact that they are updates that make the overall gaming experience better on Sony’s PlayStation 4 than it has been in the past.

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