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Petra Tschakert wants 1.5°C not 2°C as global average temperature limit

Climate change experts are now warning that government entities need to do more to prevent and stop global warming from continuing. They warn that the current goal, which is 2 degrees Celsius, is too low, and ultimately will not stop the damage that is being done. An article published originally in Climate Change Responses, Petra Tschakert points out that a target of 1.5 degrees Celsius would be far more appropriate than the current 2-degree goal.

That might not seem like much of a difference, but the article warns that it really has become a matter of grave danger for humans walking on Earth. Tschakert, of Penn State University wrote that, “Without a doubt, it is in the utmost interest of a large number of countries to pursue the 1.5°C target, as ambitious or idealistic it may appear to date, and to see it anchored as a binding goal…”

However, Tscharkert isn’t the first to point out a changing goal when it comes to climate change. In fact, Hans-Otto Pörtner, of Alfred Wegener Institute pointed out last year that it really should be a goal to reach a 1.5-degree reduction. All scientists point out that while humans might not feel the direct impacts of a .5-degree difference, but ultimately the real problem comes for other organisms. Some species would struggle to adapt in conditions, like this.

The big problem that scientists and climate change experts face globally is the political opposition to it. In every major country around the world, political opposition is a major reason for the stopping or preventing of better climate change measures from being enforced. That combined with the lobbying that occurs within these larger governments to appease big businesses that ultimately have a financial gain in the matter.

It’s an interesting perspective though, and one that will certainly be shared by others – as more rally around a cleaner, more friendly environment moving forward. However, it isn’t just about making the environment cleaner, but rather making the world a better place to live generally given the damage that we are now doing to our atmosphere.

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