HTC Corporation has been going through a transformation of the sorts, over the course of the last several weeks. The company announced that they would be giving the reigns to a new CEO and that the company needed something new in the product lineup to really get investors and consumers excited again. The HTC One M9 was revealed and while it wasn’t a disappointing device, by any stretch of the imagination, it did fall short in some categories – given the fact that it didn’t really deliver the excitement that the investing world might have hoped for.

The HTC One E9+ though is the device that could very easily change all of that. At first glance, the HTC One E9+ doesn’t look that much different than any other HTC One flagship device. In fact, it pretty much looks exactly like the rest of its HTC counterparts on the surface. However, there are some serious differences that really make this device standout compared to other HTC devices.

As far as internal specifications go, this phone really doesn’t do much that hasn’t been seen before in a large smartphone. However, it does feature some impressive hardware configuration that will make it a great device, when coupled with the display features that are very impressive on this device. The HTC One E9+ starts with a 64-bit MediaTek MT6795M chipset, which boasts an octa-core CPU. Combine that with 2GB of RAM storage, as well as 16GB of internal storage that can be expanded to a maximum of 128GB, and these are the building blocks for a device that will not be short on speed by any means.

HTC One E9 Colors

A 13MP back camera and 4MP UltraPixel front camera means that the device will be able to hang with any other on the block, as far as photo capabilities go. That being said, the device delivers with a stunning display. The 5.5-inch Quad HD display will measure 534ppi, which will be the best display that has ever been put into an HTC smartphone. Also, factor in a dual nano-SIM configuration, which will allow it to handle a greater number of frequencies and what users are left with is an HTC device that really could outshine the traditional HTC One M9.

As usual with most HTC smartphones it features a dual speakers on the front of the device. That isn’t anything surprising though much like the 2800mAh battery is not surprising. The device will come with Android 5.0 Lollipop installed, with HTC’s Sense 7.0 running over the top. From the top to bottom, this very well could be amongst the two best Android launches of the calendar year.

There hasn’t been any official announcement of a date yet, when this device might be available, but it will definitely be making its way to Chinese markets later this year – as the company did make the outright announcement of the device on Sunday. It’s interesting because this was done quietly, even though HTC already has plans for launching the HTC One M9 in the coming month. In the U.S. market, at least, HTC won’t have to worry about competition within their own ranks, despite how interesting this device looks.