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Spotify brings its 30 million songs to PS3 and PS4 as PlayStation Music for $9.99


PlayStation Music is Sony’s way of getting into the music streaming business. In January, the company announced that they would be partnering with Spotify to deliver the best experience possible to their PlayStation gamers, and beyond. For Spotify, the partnership was as much about capturing another market – as it was about getting its name on another platform. However, as Apple and Microsoft work to try and take a bite out of Spotify’s dominance, the company continues to make moves that really show where they stand in contrast to their competitors. For Spotify, 60 million overall users and a quarter of those users paying for a monthly subscription.

The service on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 boasts 30 million songs, and 1.5 billion playlists, which is sure to appeal to many users. Perhaps though the most interesting feature of this agreement is the fact that using an Android or iOS device, users will be able to seamlessly move throughout Spotify, and play music through their console or gaming monitor – without actually interrupting the overall experience.

Just like Spotify costs $9.99 as a standalone service, it will cost the same for PlayStation gamers. The only difference will be that those users who have an active PSN account as of March 29th will receive two free months of the service, something that the two companies agreed to when the partnership began.

John Kodera, the President of Sony Network Entertainment International said, “With Spotify as the foundation of PlayStation Music, we’ll continue to evolve the service to deliver the best entertainment experience that games have come to expect from PlayStation Network.”

For Sony, this partnership or the launch of PlayStation Music is just the latest in a string of positive press for the gaming console. The company had just introduced an update last week, which would finally allow gamers to pause games when they shut them off, to avoid waiting for long boot times or loading saved game files on their console. The company has been avidly focused on continuing to improve the experience that players have on the console, and the kind of entertainment venue that PlayStation can eventually be.

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