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Amazon Package Delivery via Drones not dead, being tested in Canadian airspace


Amazon wants to prove that their Package Delivery via Drones service isn’t just something of science fiction. In fact, the company wants to prove that it works. While regulators and lawmakers in the United States are preventing the retail giant from utilizing drones to deliver items commercially, that doesn’t mean that the project is dead. Amazon has taken to Canada to prove America wrong, and in doing so, has found some pretty decent success in the process.

Interestingly, Amazon has pointed out that if it were not for getting the green light from the FAA in the United States, similar tests could be taking place. The drones are flying between 200 and 500 feet, and are traveling at speeds around 50mph. The goal is to deliver products ordered through Amazon in a timelier, and cost-effective method. The packages that are being carried way up to 5lbs, and the drones themselves weigh around 50lbs.

According to regulators and followers of the drone movement for Amazon, the allowance in Canada has a lot to do with the fact that Canada has a much lower population, and also features a much lighter political climate. Ultimately, pinning the problem and the holdup on the issue of political discontent here in the United States. The political system that exists here, and the fight that takes place on every issue that is of any substance, like this one, really means that a game of political takeaway is taking place at every turn with this project.

Interestingly, the company points out that the devices can take off horizontally as well as vertically – which gives them versatility and the ability to be used in cities across the United States. However, with regulators fighting it at every turn, this has continued to be a challenge. The FAA allowed experimental flights to be made in some places in the United States, but then Amazon pointed out that the approval they gave them – was so dated that the devices they would have been forced to use during the test were null and void. Many though see this as just another political issue that will ultimately cut off development in the United States.

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