WhatsApp has taken its Voice Calling feature even further, as the company has released an update, which includes the ability to make voice calls around the world on Android. Users can now make calls directly from the app, to anywhere in the world – giving them the ability outright to make phone calls on a data connection. For a short time span, WhatsApp was running a beta test that allowed users to use the new voice-calling feature with an invite.

However, the invite-only phase has ended with the update v2.12.19. That being said, the company has remained silent on when exactly the update will be coming through for iOS. Interestingly though, the company’s management had pointed out that it would be coming in the next couple weeks, but backtracked from those remarks saying that it could take a few weeks, or even several weeks.

The feature is really interesting because it offers an alternative to traditional voice calling. People have been looking for alternatives, and more than ever users want a one-stop-shop for doing everything they possibly can. That’s why productivity apps have soared in popularity over the last few years. It’s the point that now they have options to make phone calls quickly, and effortlessly right from the app that they use to message their friends, co-workers, and more – which is important for them to have access to.

WhatsApp Voice Calling

The other major benefit of this update is that users will finally be able to identify and organize their calls and their operation easily from one hub. If this features hits iOS by the time summer comes around, then WhatsApp will have made one major accomplishment in the area of delivering an excellent experience from top to bottom and will have done something that few messaging apps – with as many active monthly users as they have – has been able to do in such a short time, or short turnaround.