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Facebook’s Scrapbook: New way to share kids photos but anxiety for separated families


Facebook wants to make life easier for parents. The entire notion of storing memories on the social network is really what Facebook revolves around. While it isn’t ideal for everyone – there is certainly a contingency of Facebook users who utilize the platform for much more than staying connected. In many ways, along with the features that the company has rolled out – it’s about organizing the events, photos, and shareable moments better than ever could before.

That seems to be the idea behind “Scrapbook,” Facebook’s latest announcement. While it will essentially run separate of Facebook – it will still be connected to the social network. However, it aims to alleviate security concerns by giving parents the ability to control, keep organized, and maintain all of those baby pictures, as the child grows. It could easily be thought of as a social cloud that is linked to Facebook, giving parents the ability to give each of their children, a presence online.

The name is fitting given that it is aimed to replace the traditional scrapbook, which takes up physical space and has obvious limitations. If a person isn’t in the room with you – they cannot see the scrapbook. While that might seem like a good thing to some people, to others it’s a limiting factor when they can share pictures on Facebook and let distant family members and friends easily see the pictures.

Some of the features are interesting, and while it’s available on desktop, iPhone, Android devices – it is only being piloted in the United States. That being said, users will be able to co-own a scrapbook – with another person – as long as they’re in a relationship with them on Facebook. That’s an interesting feature – but has issues of its own given the fact that when parents separate, or divorce – some would argue that they should have the ability to contribute to that scrapbook.



The user can choose the tag that is used for the scrapbook, the users who own the scrapbook make the decision on what pictures make it into the scrapbook – like a typical scrapbook – and only parents of the child – or co-owners of the scrapbook can tag a child in the photo. That again brings up the same issue. Parents who are separated or divorced – but who remarry later in life will have a challenge given the current setup.

It’s a great concept, but it will likely require more tweaking from Facebook. It certainly won’t have a problem getting users on board, despite the fact that some people are turned off by the concept of putting photographs of their children on Facebook. This will give all users a more organized method of dealing with those types of photos, accounts, and moments.

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