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Mark Russinovich: Open Source Windows is not ‘taboo’ at Microsoft 2.0


Microsoft’s Mark Russinovich has expelled some rumors at the annual ChefConf conference that Microsoft 2.0 might be closing itself off from certain options. However, in his time speaking – he opened up a conversation about an open source Windows platform that might actually be closer to reality than people realize right now. Mark said, “It’s a new Microsoft. Literally every conversation you can imagine about what should we do with our software: open, not open, services. It’s happened.”

An open source Windows operating system is something that has frequently been referred to as “far fetched,” or something that would only happen in a worst-case scenario for the company – but it would appear as though it might be more plausible than people had previously realized. Especially with how focused Microsoft has become on the issue of expanding their brand and revolutionizing their reach. Gone are the days when Microsoft was not only losing users and loyal customers – but also losing sight of any mission they might have had.

The company doesn’t just look reenergized and ready to tackle the next generation of computing needs – but also their people look equally as energized. While this news is anything but confirmed, since a spokesperson for Microsoft pointed out that, “We have not made any open source policy or business model changes for Windows,” it is clear that options are at least being evaluated. At this point, it looks like nothing is being turned down in terms of what the company could do.

As things stand right now, it doesn’t look like Windows will be going open source anytime soon. However, that is clearly something that the company has considered – and as they have been seen making more of their software open source, it has helped their overall cross-platform reach. That being said, will it be something that we see taken to the next level in the next few years – that isn’t as clear.

However, there is definitely a movement taking place within the company to try some innovative things really, to revolutionize the overall product that the company is putting out.

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