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Microsoft releases Office Lens for iOS and Android


Microsoft wants to be more productive. They also want to enter a market that really hasn’t been touched yet by any of the major names. That’s why the company is releasing Office Lens for iOS and Android, which will work to replace any current document scanning apps that are on the market. Microsoft hopes to do this by adding significant growth potential to their overall productivity repertoire.

Office Lens was originally introduced a year ago by Microsoft and was exclusively available on Windows devices. However, as the company has continued to move their mission toward developing a product that would work on Android and iOS, this was the next logical progression through the world of productivity. The big positive with this app would be the fact that Microsoft can translate photos into text, by using pieces of technology that they have developed.


This is a key feature that would be incredibly important to the overall success of Office Lens on both iOS and Android. Right now, there aren’t a lot of stable options, and an option that can be integrated into the overall Microsoft productivity bundle is something that is particularly useful. Interestingly, this will be something that the company will keep pushing forward – even as they receive some backlash from their own users who believe that they are overlooking their own product. Which as been in desperate need of repair and advancement.

Microsoft though is likely looking at Office Lens through the business lens that they have to maintain. It isn’t just about the success of their own product, given the fact that their product really isn’t as successful as some of the other products that compete with it. The applications of a product like this though are really endless. They will give users the ability to actually handle notes, documents, photos, PDF files, or really anything that has text on it – that needs to be quickly converted into a word document without a lot of hassle. That will be something that will become incredibly valuable on the open market in the long term.

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