Apple wants to make it easy for potential Apple Watch buyers to use their new gadget as soon as they get their hands on it. Even though the Apple Watch hasn’t officially hit stores yet, the demo videos that Apple released this week will certainly make the entire process of getting acclimated with your device a little easier. This is a great way for the company to land uncertain buyers, with an explicit instruction on how to do virtually everything that the device is capable of.

This really reveals how seriously the company is taking the launch of the Apple Watch and how important the wearable piece of technology really is to the brand as a whole. The success or failure of the Apple Watch could have as steep consequences, as a great, or terrible smartphone launch. Either way, it will be important for potential users to understand what they’re doing when they pick up their Apple Watch at the store at the end of this month.

A few of the features that really got expanded on in the videos were force touch, and the digital wheel. While the digital wheel is an incredibly simple concept, force touch is a little more complex. That being said it also seems like something that could get buggy, or have challenges after some wear and tear. However, right now it just seems like a really exciting piece of technology that is added into the device. The digital wheel though is a little more simplistic, but something that is particularly interesting for a lot of reasons.

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It’s mainly interesting because Apple comes right out and calls it as important as the pinwheel was to the iPod. It’s hard to imagine anything that had more impact on a piece of technology than that pinwheel. So, it will be interesting to see if the digital crown – which is a home button, that spins and allows users to move through notifications and navigate text – will have the same kind of long-term impact on the product that Apple puts out over the next few years. Regardless, we are talking about big shoes to fill for Apple, who will need a lot of successes actually to move forward on this without some backlash.