Sony has bought Onlive, and in the process 140 of its cloud gaming patents. The move is one that came by relative surprise, but at the same time came with a decent amount of expectation. Sony is attempting to push their PlayStation gaming console through to the next generation, and that is happening with the cloud. Ultimately, the patents that they obtained through the deal will be worthy investments as time goes on.

OnLive was at one time the biggest name in cloud streaming for games. However, their moment was relatively short-lived and ultimately led to the demise of the company from top tier cloud gaming. However, they owned some serious patents that could really be of use to Sony, so they made the move. That being said, OnLive will be shut down and nothing more than a memory by the end of the month. On April 28th the service will shut down entirely and have nothing leff in its proverbial tank.

It’s been a long and tumultuous road for OnLive, who had to fire most of its employees in 2012 after the founder failed to raise enough capital to maintain the overall operation. More recently, reports had surfaced that the company was only working with around 1,600 subscribers who were up to date and paid in full. Once that news broke, it really was a downhill fall from there. The patents that they had were really the only bargaining chip they had left to provide any mission for the company.

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Some of the other details around the deal remain in question. It’s unclear how much the deal was worth, and what will happen with their employees. Phillip Rosenberg of Sony pointed out, “These strategic purchases open up great opportunities for our gamers, and give Sony a formidable patent portfolio in cloud gaming.” He went on to point out additionally, “It is yet another proof point that demonstrates our commitment to changing the way gamers experience the world of PlayStation.”