Facebook made it clear that it wanted to make Messenger a platform that could stand on its own two feet. What many didn’t realize was that it meant breaking it away from Facebook – the social network, entirely. As the company has pushed its messaging platform to new heights with over 600 million active users – the company has decided that its time to give it its own destination.

This is being viewed as a somewhat peculiar move on the part of Facebook because it really takes a lot of focus away from the social network itself. It really makes messenger.com the primary destination and its social network the secondary destination. Many have also pointed out that it has quite a lot in common with WhatsApp’s Web client. Users can ultimately go to an URL to access and send messages. The only difference being with Facebook in this situation is that they aren’t doing away with messages within the platform.

Facebook Messenger

That is without question a good sign for those who are afraid that the company will be losing sight of its core users who love Facebook for its social network. It’s also an interesting twist because it seems as though Facebook has learned from its past experience that their users don’t appreciate being forced to move to another platform or product to message on. Just ask those who were, and still are, dissatisfied with the fact that they had to download a secondary app to chat on their mobile devices – when they could originally message through the core Facebook app.

The features are pretty impressive, and the interface closely matches what we see on our mobile devices. That was clearly the point that Facebook was really looking to drive home. They’re now trying to create some uniformity throughout their platform, and at the end of the day – they will have better results making things simpler than they will make them more complex. Facebook users have proven that what they want is a solid product – instead of something that is bloated with a lot of stuff they don’t really want or need on a regular basis. That’s what’s so great about messenger.com. It delivers in the messaging area, but it doesn’t try to be anything else beyond that.