Samsung has run into its first major problem with the Galaxy S6, which has officially become available in 20 countries today. The April 10th launch was something that many consumers were excited about, but it would appear as though something significant has happened to some of the devices, which were sold in the United States. It would appear as though the major flaw that has been reported thus far is one that deals with the LED flash of the smartphone. Before this apparent bug was even discovered, the company pointed out that some devices shipped with screen damage that wasn’t expected.

This isn’t the type of problem that Samsung wants their recently converted users to be experiencing. It involves the LED flash that is connected to the devices camera. In the faulty devices, the flash remains on, even when the device is turned off. However, Samsung says that the problem isn’t a hardware issue. Instead, the company points out that it is a software issue that wasn’t expected.


Samsung expects to have a software fix to resolve the situation and to get those devices normally functioning again. The move to correct this will have to come quickly from Samsung in order to quell the complaints that are sure to pile up if the device isn’t brought back to traditional function in the very near future. It’s important to note that aside from this and the screen issue there haven’t been any major complaints against the Galaxy S6 thus far.

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The issue is also specific to the United States, which is a good sign for Samsung as they are trying to launch this device in 20 countries. If this were a global issue, then it would be something that could likely throw the entire production into oblivion. However, users will likely experience the issue – albeit an annoying one – for a short amount of time before Samsung finds the fix. It’s unclear what options there are for users at this point to prevent the flash from remaining on at all times.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge had as many as 20 million preorders recorded by Samsung for this launch, which was a major accomplishment for the company. Previously, they hadn’t hit anything close to that up until this past month. The devices were packing Exynos 7420 processor with 3GB of RAM. The 5.1-inch screen would be traditional on the S6 and curved on the S6 Edge, which would give the Edge a leg up on other devices. A 16MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera make the device great for snapping pictures, and since the announcement at the company’s Unpacked event in March – anticipation for the launch has been soaring.