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Google closing gap between Android Wear and iPhone


Google is close to making Android Wear available on iPhones, according to those with knowledge of what the company is doing. The effort Google is taking to make their product available on iPhones has been largely debated. On one hand, many have argued that it would be what is required to ever fully capture the wearable potential. Yet on the other hand, dedicated Android users have worried that pushing toward iOS is taking focus away from the company’s core effort to drive business within the Android product.

The major caveat at this point would be that Apple would have to approve any such capability. So, even if Google were able to create something technically speaking, there wouldn’t be any guarantee that the company would even have something to introduce. In this regard, Apple holds most of the cards. However, thinking behind this would be that if Apple were to shun such an advance by Google – it would make them look worse than they already do in terms of public perception. That might be a saving grace for Google.

The idea though that users could actually connect their Android Wear devices with iDevices would definitely be a game changer. The biggest sellers for Android Wear devices historically have been the G Watch, and the Moto 360. However, LG, Sony, and several others still make competitive smartwatches that would really do well on iOS if they were able to convert. Interestingly though, this is something that might change the landscape so greatly – that individuals would be uninterested in the move to begin with. After all, it is dealing with a very specific group of people.

This would be reliant on those who love Android Wear enough to own one, which typically costs upwards of $500 per timepiece. Yet at the same time, own an iPhone. However, given Google’s current heavy reliability on Android – simply wouldn’t make much sense. So, that leaves a limited space of options for Google as they move forward into the next phase of this operation. They want to expand their offering – clearly – but they have to determine what that will entail first.

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